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Eric Brooks

If an asteroid were to hit the earth, it would hit Eric Brooks' House. It wouldn't stop him or slow him down.

About you

What did you do before the Web?

Like most of the "old school" guys, I have a strong background in print. Did a lot of freelance graphics, silk-screening, store signs, also the Easter Bunny (yeah, I'm serious), designer chocolates... SHEESH! I guess you should've asked what *haven't* you done. :0)

How did you find the web?

My in-laws thought their grandkids should have a computer, they had it hooked up with AOL. I tapped into this whole underground scene in 1997 while searching for icons, where I stumbled across Zeldman's site, met all you fine folks, and the rest is history.

Why are you here?

I freakin' love the web! Everything I ever needed to learn about html, php, java, smil, css, etc. is all here. After years of being self-taught (thereby saving thousands in schooling), I'm now maintaining a newspaper site for a living!

Ya gotta love it.

Methods of production

What do you use to create your sites?

Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Fireworks.

I also keep my Flash3 and RealProducer handy for special gigs.

About the Web

What do you see as the greatest strengths of the web?

Personally, I don't think we have even scratched the *surface* of the web's potential. Aside from information, promotion, and commerce, or the fact that you can do just about any form of transaction without leaving your home...

I would have to say "personal expression". Anyone can make a web page, put out their music, their artwork, express their innermost feelings with just the push of a button. Best of all, for free.

What do you see as the greatest dangers?

Safety. As a dad, I am constantly watching my kids on the web, who their pen pals are, who's contacting them. Fortunately for me, they're really smart kids, and stick mainly with people they know IRL (school, family).

I get physically ill when I hear horror stories about kids that give out way too much information about themselves, and what happens when these kids go out to meet that other "kid" they've been talking to in a chat room.

A lot of people also get a false sense of security when they type that nasty email or post in the safety of their bedrooms. You may run into one of these people one day.
Think about it.

What would you say to folks who want to work the web?

That really depends on how far they wanna go. The sky's the limit on the web. You can have a blast making your own web page & pages for your friends and local businesses (which is how I think we *all* started out). Or if you really want to get serious, I suggest courses at your local college.

... you can have all the talent and instinct in the world. But first, you have to get past that suit in human resources who will expect some form of credentials on your resume.

Though I gotta warn ya: After it becomes "work", it's not as much fun. :0)

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Eric Brooks
Eric Brooks

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