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Congratulations! You have a computer, internet connection, and good taste, since you are reading this. We promise you the ugly underbelly of the web biz and you're gonna get it.

This whole area is devoted to those of you that are going to; strike out on your own, become a captain of industry, self-made individual, or don't play well with others.

This is not for those of you that are working for design firms, with large staffs, meetings, memos, and bosses. Most of what is contained in these pages is probably heresy of the blackest sort to "New Media" firms that have large staffs and regard meetings as the primary part of their business day.

You should not be reading this on company time anyway.

This section of LemurZone Design is devoted to anyone that really wants to be a pixel mechanic. The head lemur will explain various things you will need to know to become a pixel mechanic, and a few tips on the business of web design.

In answer to the question, "Aren't you afraid that your gentle visitors will read this and put you out of business?"


If you stick around long enough, you will see that the web biz is not about pixels on the screen. You will learn that you will need to WORK, 70-80 hours a week, learn stuff that you think has nothing to do with sitting in front of your screen in your underwear, making pretty pictures on the screen.

You will be called upon to do things that you never imagined.

You will get an education about the true meaning of 24/7.

If you think this is gonna be your day job, stick around.

Still here? Okay, but don't whine to me later.

I have a method to my madness, in the progression of the material I am presenting. No, I didn't learn it in this order, but then I don't work in a nice orderly business, that goes from point "a" to point "b". Neither will you, if you decide that this is your path to fame and glory.

Pixel Mechanix Illustrated is divided into a number of areas.

The basics is just that. We will examine your chair, your desk, and other parts of your environment. Moving on to tools, I will look at some of the other equipment you should have. Software, is about lies and magic. Work is about clients and exchanging money for pixels. Our destinations will take you to places great pixel mechanics are, sites that have special value, and references for bookmarking.

This is a work in progress, like every evolving site, and you will need to check back frequently.
If you would like to be notified when this site is updated. e-mail here

let's Begin the journey that a way

the head lemur makes absolutely no representations or warranties regarding this document and accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any consequences of your use of it. the head lemur insists that other members of his species assume total responsibility for their own actions.

Welcome to "the ugly underbelly of the web biz..."

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