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privacy at lemurzone

this is the head lemur's site.
this site is created by us and for us.
We don't know how you got here,
why you came or if you like us.
We don't care.

Almost everything on this site is penned by us and expresses our opinions. those things by others are noted and references and links to them are supplied.
that's probably how you found us.

  • We don't use cookies.
  • We don't collect personally identifiable information.
  • We don't care who you are
  • We don't care what you are
  • We are amusing ourselves
  • If you have a good time, Great!
  • If you have a bad time, Bummer!

* if you feel the need to share
by all means click here.

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the primary reason for even putting the page together is that it is saturday and i had a few minutes.

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