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design notes

design notes

This is where I publish notes on design. here are some of the things which are not suitable for publication anywhere else.

Book Reports

Building the web in the 20th century was largely a self taught experience. Building the web for the 21st century is a lot different. The people who have worked the web are also writing about it.

These reports are books in my library that are books that belong in your library.

Book Reports
read here - go there

random notes

privacy policy
every site should have one here's ours

the new greek
this is the 21st century and it is time to get with the program. "greeking" is the use of nonsense text as a space filler when doing design mockups to see how your designs will look.
as a public service the head lemur offers you the

The 5K Contest
We can already build pages that take all day and require 6 plug-ins. Just look around. The 5K is about building small. No more than 5k. images,scripts and text. This is my entry for the The 5K Contest

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