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the new greek

suitable for every hypertext project.

Perhaps a re-engineering of your current world view will re-energize your online nomenclature to enable a new holistic interactive enterprise internet communication solution.

Upscaling the resurgent networking exchange solutions, achieving a breakaway systemic electronic data interchange system synchronization, thereby exploiting technical environments for mission critical broad based capacity constrained systems.

Fundamentally transforming well designed actionable information whose semantic content is virtually null.

To more fully clarify the current exchange, a few aggregate issues will require addressing to facilitate this distributed communication venue.

In integrating non-aligned structures into existing legacy systems, a holistic gateway blueprint is a backward compatible packaging tangible of immeasurable strategic value in right-sizing conceptual frameworks when thinking outside the box.

This being said, the ownership issues inherent in dominant thematic implementations cannot be understated vis-a vis document distribution on a real operating system consisting primarily of elements regarded as outdated and therefore impelling as a integrated out sourcing avenue to facilitate multi-level name value pairing in static components.

In order to properly merge and articulate these core assets, an acquisition statement outlining the information architecture, leading to a racheting up of convergence across the organic platform is an opportunity without precedent in current applicability transactional modeling.

Implementing these goals requires a careful examination to encompass an increasing complex out sourcing disbursement to ensure the extant parameters are not exceeded while focusing on infrastructure cohesion.

Dynamic demand forecasting indicates that a mainstream approach may establish a basis for leading-edge information processing to insure the diversity of granularity in encompassing expansion of content provided within the multimedia framework under examination.

Empowerment in information design literacy demands the immediate and complete disregard of the entire contents of this cyberspace communication.

more greek

*Note: if you find this hypertext product helpful, please let us know and we will create a list of satisfied customers.

new greek

more greek

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the new greek came about as a discussion on the evolt mail list. the subject was words that piss you off. this is a compilation of words i pulled out of my butt as a result of this thread. many members wanted to use it for various projects, from an explanation of obscurity to greeking. Then in a note to zeldman, i made the suggestion that this could be the new greeking. the rest is history.



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