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Accessibility simply means that your website is readable by anybody with a connection to the Internet, regardless of browser they are using. The days of inaccessible sites[1] [2] may be limited.

Take the following challenges:

Go ahead. These links will open up in a new browser window. We will be here when you get done.

Section 508 of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998[3], requires all United States Federal Agencies with websites, to have them accessible to individuals with disabilities within 24 months of enaction of this law. This will be June 21, 2001 .

The Effective Communication Rule

"Covered entities that use the Internet for communications regarding their programs, goods, or services must be prepared to offer those communications through accessible means as well. This includes many companies that contract to state and local governments including state Universities."

Notes for Website Owners

If your business has wide doorways and grab-bars, your website should too.

Notes for Designers

[1] ALA: Access - Everybody Wins
[2] Accessibility: The clock is ticking
[3] Section 508 - Workforce Investment Act of 1998
[4] Accessibility: The Politics of Design

More Information
Web Standards Project
W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
Applying the ADA to the Internet: A Web Accessibility Standard

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