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"Accessibility: The Politics of Design" Issue 94

A little over a year ago I wrote an article here on the upcoming U.S. Accessibility Regulations for the web. Specifically on Section 508 of the WORKFORCE INVESTMENT ACT OF 1998, which required all United States Federal Agencies with websites to make those sites accessible to individuals with disabilities, within 24 months of enacting of this law. The Regulations are finally out and the clock has started ticking again.

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"Time to Close the Web?" Issue 1.61 28 April 2000

THE WEB is a democratic, two-way medium, built on open standards. Yeah, right. Electronic Rape is the pinnacle of current commercial website development.
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"Click-Thru is Evil II" Issue 1.55 25 February 2000

In the race for eyeballs and dollars, advertising is poised to wreck the web.

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"99 the web year in review" Issue 1.48 31 Dec. 1999
YOU ARE READING this because you are connected. Webbed, networked, online, all of these terms are used to describe the current web experience. With the arrival of the New Millennium (or the 21st Century, depending on how you count), I thought I would look at what 1999 brought and what 2000 may bring.

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"The TAXMAN Cometh" Issue 1.44 3 Dec. 1999
TAXATION IS AS OLD AS PROSTITUTION, only much more lucrative. (Now you know where the phrase, "a piece of the action," really came from.)

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"THE MONEY PAGE" Issue 1.40 5 Nov. 1999
THE MONEY PAGE is where the pixel meets the pocketbook. The Money Page is not a shopping cart. It's a simple page any Web designer can build. Its job is to connect the site owner with the visitor in the most direct way possible, in order to facilitate a business transaction.

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"Accessibility the clock is ticking" Issue 1.35 24 Sept. 1999
THE WAY WE BUILD SITES is always changing, but a profound new change on the horizon has nothing to do with accounting for browser incompatibilities or accommodating the latest plug-in technology. In the United States, Section 508 of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 is ticking like a clock ...

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