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Browsers, Pussies and Standards - 11/08/00

"I build websites and networks for a living. This is my day, night, and weekend job. It is what I have decided to do with my life. I belong to the Web Standards Project. I joined on the first day. Why? Because I was tired of having to code around browser i n c o m p a t i b i l i t i e s. I even made my own Banner."

Voting and Masturbation - 10/29/00

"Voting is a bit like masturbation. Everybody's done it, some folks do it a lot. Most folks don't talk about it, some do. The thrill and techniques of both activities are the same. You usually do it in a small room and people even though they didn't see you do it, know that you did. But you don't talk about it."

Cell Phones, Cars, and Responsibility - 10/21/00

"David Fiedler whose Refresh Daily Column I read regularly posted this, You have the Right to Remain Silent.
He and I agree on a lot of the same things, but not this one."
"I hate Cell Phones and almost everyone who owns one. The only exceptions are Emergency Personnel. Not only are they the people you need in an emergency, they are also trained to be able to "walk and chew gum" as you pointed out. The only reason for their use is in emergency situations."

U.S Representative David L Hobson's Day in the Barrel - 10/10/00

I am writing this as a Citizen of the United States, a very small businessman, taxpayer and a Registered Voter. I am also writing this as a citizen of the portion of the Internet known as the World Wide Web.

The death of customer service - 09/07/00

Early this morning, I clicked by zeldman's Daily Report. He posted a tale about Mike's TV and Best Buy.
Customer Service is an Oxymoron Mike's tale is not only sad but all too frequent in the mass market superstore corporate world.

You are being Screwed Again!! - 07/17/00

I am a proud member of the Web Standards Project.
You are reading this at your computer connected to the internet with a piece of software called a browser. The browser is the most important piece of software created since the beginning of computing. The ability to use a software program to read files on computers across the world is an awesome idea. The growth of files to be read across the world confirms the truth of this.

Astounding Websites - 07/02/00

When I was an egg on the web, before I came to do this for a living, IE and Netscape 4 were just coming out. I was at another designers house when I discovered Project Cool*.

Piracy and the Internet - 06/08/00

On or off the web, Piracy is a bad thing.
The Merriam WWWebster College Dictionary defines Piracy as: the unauthorized use of another's production, invention, or conception especially in infringement of a copyright
This is the definition we will use for this discussion.

Vote for Me!! - 05/29/00

The Head lemur tosses his hat in the ring to become a ICANN Board Member

An Open Letter to the E-Commerce Times - 05/12/00

I have read the E-Commerce Times as part of my morning ritual for over a year to see what is happening on the web. I enjoyed the reporting, the layout and navigation. I have recommended it to visitors to my site. I felt it is a valuable contribution to the web. I have used it for background material for my own writings.
This has changed.

David Ignatius needs to do his home work - 05/10/00

Are we moving too fast for you?
Everyone with an internet connection and a little bit of help can be a publisher. Looking at the explosion of websites in sheer numbers, a lot of people are doing it.
One of the complaints people have with the web is determining the veracity of information they see on the web. The price of publication is the lowest of any medium, and the potential readership is far higher than at any time in history, in any medium.

The Microsoft Internet - 04/10/00

You can't conquer the Internet; the most you can do is kill it!
apologies to Robert A Heinlein
Understand that IE 5.5 is beta software, which means it should not be installed on the machine you are using to read this.
If you care about standards and creating a web usable by everyone, the current IE5.5 for Windows is not a good Choice.
Yes that's right, it overwrites your previous IE Browser and according to early reports it will not uninstall easily.

The Beta IE 5.5 for Windows is following the same tired road that has been the hallmark of Microsoft products since the introduction of Windows.
Make it Proprietary
Make it Bloated
Make it Non-Portable

Cookies in the Back Door - 04/04/00

In this morning's news at Yahoo, I found PlanetClick.com. This site sets forth the noble goal of letting surfers rate sites, and presenting the results. What they require for you to play is not good.

Double Click Opts Out - 03/04/00

I recently wrote an article for A List Apart ' Click Thru is Evil II, where I described DoubleClick's methods as the Poison Cookie.
DoubleClick's banner ads now contain cookies which record information about your visits to sites served by them. With the acquisition of Abacus Direct, a direct mail firm, whose database of Catalog shopping records can be tied to your surfing as you move from site to site ... well, your privacy is out the window.

Internet Litigation Follies - the next chapter - 02/25/00

American Honda Motor Co,® is the latest automaker to enter the Internet Litigation Follies (ILF). Wired News reports that Honda isn't happy.

Am I a RENEGADE? - 01/27/00

The etoy.com vs eToys.com saga has taken an amazing turn.

In a Associated Press news story by MARTHA MENDOZA AP Business Writer Datelined Wednesday January 26 3:40 PM ET:
"The settlement marks the conclusion of yet another controversy over domain names as renegade Internet developers create controversial Web sites offensive to corporations."

You Really,Really Don't Get It!! - 01/14/00

Even with the holiday glitches, the story at eToys is good. "eToys will continue to garner a commanding share of the market both in the U.S. and internationally," says Wit Capital analyst Ryan Alexander. "The fulfillment infrastructure performed perfectly well over the holidays." What he means is that when you consider the site's holiday traffic, a 90% fulfillment record starts to look at least O.K. The eToys site had nearly 2 million visitors between Nov. 22 and Dec. 19. It ranked third behind Amazon and eBay for site visits during that period, according to Media Metrix. And if 90% of those customers were satisfied, eToys still has an impressive franchise.

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