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To the Shareholders and Management of E-Toys, Inc. - 12/30/99

A friend of mine asked me if I was a bit obsessive about the etoys vs etoy issue. No. Try not to take the following quote out of context, I am not advocating anybodys demise, I am making a point about your business practices. Robert Heinlein wrote in the "Notebooks of Lazurus Long": "Don't ever scare a small man, he will kill you! " You are scaring me. I build websites for a living.

An Open Letter to Kilroy Realty - 12/23/99

Good Morning,
Regarding your press release on your 11 year agreement with Etoys, Inc.
"LOS ANGELES, Dec. 22 -- Kilroy Realty Corporation (NYSE: KRC) today announced that it has signed an 11-year lease agreement with eToys (Nasdaq: ETYS), a leading internet-based retailer of children's products, for the entire four-story, 151,000-square-foot office building currently under construction at KRC's Westside Media Center in West Los Angeles. The agreement also includes an option for eToys to lease the Media Center's entire third phase of development, a similar 151,000-square-foot office building scheduled to begin construction in mid-2000."


DOUGLAS RUSHKOFF AT ETOY PRESS CONFERENCE-NYC, Museum of Modern Art, December 20, 1999
BACK IN 1994, the Internet was limited to non-commercial purposes. Users had to agree not to conduct commerce online in order to get an account. When a pair of immigration lawyers sent out the first "spam" email offering their services, they were booted off the Internet, altogether.

Electronic Freedom for the Next Generation - 12/05/99

In yet another example of the misunderstanding of the internet by companies that would like to turn the web into their private shopping mall, we bring you the curious story of etoy.com

Saving the Internet Scout Report - 11/29/99

In the beginning the internet was for war. The original point of the internet was to have Command and Control in the event of nuclear war. It sole purpose was to allow the United States to bomb the enemy back to the stone age. It has certainly grown beyond that simple directive.
The web is not strictly commercial. There is a whole area of the web devoted to education and information. One of the best resources on the web is the Internet Scout Report
This link will open in a New window. Please take a moment and surf around. We will still be here.

You've Got Problems!! - 11/07/99

The ADA 'Effective Communication Rule' is just that, a rule. I recently wrote a column for A List Apart Accessibility: The Clock is Ticking, where I discussed the Effective Communication Rule.
Simply stated, the Effective Communication Rule says,
"Covered entities that use the Internet for communications regarding their programs, goods, or services must be prepared to offer those communications through accessible means as well."
The lawsuit brought by the National Federation for the Blind, puts forth the proposition that AOL is a "public accommodation" and as such falls under the "Effective Communication Rule" of the .Americans with Disabilities Act. (With an alleged 20 Million members, its hard to fault the logic.)

cellphone internet - 10/11/99


electronic responsibility - 09/14/99

One of my personal kinks is the belief in freedom tempered with responsibility. The last few opinions have dealt with the blueovalnews.com affair. Here's a little something that made my day.

Electronic Democracy BlueOvalNews.Com Wins!! - 09/07/99

Today Your First Amendments Rights were upheld, and you are still free to publish what you want, receive, or think across the internet. (Remember Slander and Libel Laws still apply :-) Ford got their asses handed to them in court today.

Freedom of Speech - 08/26/99

In another attempt to restrict Free Speech on the Internet, Ford Motor Company has thrown their lawyers in the ring. Their current target is BlueOvalNews.com, a site created by college student Robert Lane, an enthusiast who writes about Ford Cars.

Web Standards and IE5 Part 2 - 03/19/99

I trade money for pixels. Blunt, but true.
I don't think you will find anybody on the planet, who will say the head lemur has an over-developed sense of diplomacy. I believe in the web. From my very first internet connection, which was a telnet connection to ASU, and connecting to "Freenets", I knew what my day job was gonna be.

Web Standards and IE5 Part 1 - 03/18/99

INTERNET EXPLORER 5 FALLS SHORT ON STANDARDS SUPPORT, WEB DEVELOPERS FORCED TO CONTINUE WORKAROUNDS While Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5.0 makes marked improvements over version 4.0, it still falls short -- sometimes significantly -- of fully supporting key Web standards, the Web Standards Project said today.

Web tv and Set Top Boxes - 04/16/99

Let's take a moment and expand on the internet appliance paradigm.
7:30 AM You wake up in the morning feeling like you have been devoured by Godzilla and crapped off a cliff. You crawl to the bathroom and grab the Medic Alert Internet Appliance...... You insert it into the proper orifice(the sharp sensation you feel is the bloodwork probe), it dials up your doctor, and sends it's information to his Doctor 2000 program which, compares your symptoms against the database for you.

Navigation and Usability - 02/28/99

I have been in the process of building New offices for LemurZone Design, which will improve navigation and usability for clients, as the Head lemur was a carpenter in a former life.

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