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[Posted] February 03, 2001

The Scout Report

I have written about the Scout Report before. They need help.
If you haven't been there, go now, we'll be here when you get back. I am re-printing their letter.

An Open Letter to Our Readers February 2, 2001
We'd like to update all our loyal readers concerning the future of the Scout Reports and their funding. In the Spring of this year, the National Science Foundation was able to provide additional funding that has supported the four Scout Reports for another year. That funding will end on April 30, 2001.
Although this funding gave us some breathing room as we searched for long-term support, other circumstances made it a difficult year. Our Executive Director, Susan Calcari, has been fighting an ongoing battle with cancer for the past two years. This has drastically limited her energy and ability to initiate a new funding drive for the Scout Reports. Fortunately, her health is improving, and she is now able to work with potential sponsors to ensure the ongoing publication of the reports. In addition, an important staffing change was made early this Fall when we brought on as the new Director of the Internet Scout Project. Rachael is now managing all the current projects at Scout, leaving Susan free to step into the new role of Executive Director, where she can tackle long-term strategy and funding issues on a full-time basis. As a result of these staffing changes and Susan's improved health, we are now initiating a new campaign to find corporate or foundation sponsorship for the Scout Reports.
Many of you contacted us last year with funding suggestions and ideas, and your support and interest were very much appreciated. If any of you are still interested in discussing ideas for ensuring the future of the reports, please let us know at your earliest convenience at scalcari@cs.wisc.edu. As mentioned above, we need new funding for the Reports by April 30, 2001 in order for the publication of the reports to continue uninterrupted.
Listed here are some of the benefits of sponsoring one or more Scout Reports:
--Prominent display of the sponsor's name, logo, and other information, including a link to the sponsor's Website on both the Internet Scout Project's homepage and the homepage for the report or reports being sponsored. A banner announcement of sponsorship at the top of each issue of the report for an entire year.
--Association of the sponsor's brand with one of the oldest and most trusted sources of quality information on the Internet, one that is highly respected and extensively used by the higher academic and research communities. The Scout Reports are also used extensively by life-long learners in all fields, as documented by our thousands of letters from readers everywhere.
--An editorial letter to _The Chronicle of Higher Education_ from the Scout Project thanking the sponsor and promoting the sponsor as an entity that has truly made a difference to the higher education and research communities.
--Prominent acknowledgement of the sponsor at all outreach events, including presentations at conferences, conference display booths, and professional meetings.
--Potential for other promotional opportunities that will benefit both the sponsor and the Internet Scout Project.
We are very interested in making this a mutually beneficial relationship for everyone involved. We welcome your thoughts, comments, and additional ideas. Most of all, we thank you for your continued use of and interest in the Scout Reports.
Best regards, Susan, Rachael, and the entire Internet Scout Project staff
Suggestions? Ideas? Comments? Please send them to scalcari@cs.wisc.edu

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