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[Posted] January 15, 2001

An Open Letter to Orange Digital Media

To Whom It May Concern:

Yes YOU!!
 Orange Digital Media Group Pty Ltd
(ACN) 093 071 713
24 Moorabool Street Geelong VIC 3220

This morning, surfing over to Zeldman's Daily Report, I saw this posted,

15 January, 2001
[7:30 am]
Orange Digital Media has swiped one of our Adobe articles without credit, attribution, or a request for permission. Adobe owns this copyrighted material. Not smart, fellas. And not very nice, either. (Hat tip: Webchick.)

Please take the time to inspect the links above. I will be here when you get back.

Jeffery Zeldman is a much kinder and gentler person than I am.

You are thieves and liars.

  • You are Plagiarists
  • You are Copyright Infringers

You are not professionals, You are thieves.

You folks must be having a brain fart. What part of the World Wide Web don't you understand?

Wholesale downloading of text, images, files or design is not Fair Use. It is Theft. Re-publishing it is copyright infringement. And You are Guilty!!

The problem with the 'Borrowing' Defense

'Borrowing' is what you used as an excuse the first time you got caught taking something that was not yours. This usually takes place at an early age and depending on the method of impression used to drive home the point that 'borrowing' is 'stealing' and theft and is not a good thing, determines how you conduct yourself regarding other people's stuff.

A lesson you have not learned.

By publishing Zeldman's article without permission, or attribution, you have committed fraud on your clients. Each of whom I will take the time to contact personally to share this with and to suggest that they have an independant audit of their websites done at your expense to be sure that their site's are not guilty of copyright infringment, image theft, or fraud.

You have not just ripped off Zeldman and Adobe, but you have raped every independant web designer on the planet. With your thoughtless publication you have called into question the credibility and veracity of every independant web developer on the planet.

I am an Independant Web Designer. I will not be abused by you or any other fool who thinks that they can take the cut and paste route of web development.

Orange Digital Media Client List
A P Morling
White Crest Resort
Fabulous Mr Twee
Patrick Rowan & Assoc
Atlas Design
Business Plus [flash]
I wonder how excite will feel here.
Netsearch Australia
Aus Youth Sahavas
Global Memorials
Leander Photography
Ski Scene
These may be internal now, but trust me we will contact these folks also.

Westelle Communications
Project Constructions
Magnum Machinery
Queensland Govt Intranet
Women in Film and TV (Qld)

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