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the head lemur's Drive to the ICANN Board
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Update: Saturday, September 09, 2000

The campaign is over and the head lemurs vision of jetting off to exotic locales, smoking cigars and participating in closed door meetings with self proclaimed movers, shakers and major creditors has crashed and burned......sigh....:_(
(I was really, really, really looking forward to it too!)

For those of you who supported me

Thank You for Your Support!

What next?
My campaign was a serious attempt to become a voice for the Independant designer, Developer and personal website community.

Out of the rubble, confusion and server problems has arisen a candidate that bears examination for your vote. He is getting mine. Your mileage may vary.

Karl Auerbach
Karl suceeded in getting the necessary number of endorsements to place him on the ballot. This alone was a major accomplishment.

Please visit his links and see why he has my vote.
Good Luck Karl!!

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